Logo design and user interface design prototype for Jooay, an app that helps children with disabilities and their families to locate leisure opportunities that are: accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences, can help them develop and participate in society.

This is a project (in-progress) by researchers at McGill’s School of Physical & Occupational Therapy in partnership with the MCH Foundation.

Jooay Team:

Alejandra Duarte – IT Professional
Alice Phieu – Graphic & User Interface Designer
Annette Majnemer – Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Fraser – User Experience Designer
John Johnson – User Experience Designer
Keiko Shikako Thomas – Occupational Therapist
Lineker Tomazeli – Software Developer
Nikita Kayurov – Software Developer
Razvan Lada-Moldovan – Software Developer
Zachary Boychuck – Occupational Therapist